5 Mistakes Everyone with Invisalign Shouldn’t Commit

You don’t like the conspicuous type of braces? Bet it’s why you opted for clear ones instead, huh? Clear braces, otherwise known as Invisalign provide a solution by straightening misaligned teeth. When you first get them, you are so happy; you probably can’t stop smiling.

There’s a great deal of convenience that comes with having Invisalign. But there’s also a great load of responsibility that comes with it. Once you’ve gotten your Invisalign fitted and put in place, you want to make sure that they maintain their aligning effects and serve you for a long duration of time. Here are 5 mistakes everyone with Invisalign shouldn’t commit.

  • Eating And Drinking With Your Invisalign On

The good thing about having Invisalign is that you can put them on and off whenever you want. As your orthodontist may have mentioned, you should remove your Invisalign every time you want to eat something or drink something other than water.

If you want your Invisalign to last for as long as they should, make it a habit to remove them first. Food and beverages are likely to stain your Invisalign. If your Invisalign is stained, it won’t be so inconspicuous anymore. If anything, it will make your teeth appear discolored.

  • Smoking With Your Invisalign On

It’s probably not a good idea to smoke at all because it can end up staining your natural teeth. But if you do, don’t do it with your Invisalign on. The same way smoking is bound to discolor your teeth, it is also bound to discolor your aligners.

Remember that they are known as clear aligners because they are clear or colorless. But when you smoke without removing them first, you end up with stained or discolored aligners. Note that no matter how hard you try to clean it, the stain caused by cigarette smoke won’t come off.

  • Forgetting To Put Them Back On

It’s true that putting on Invisalign especially during the very first days can be quite uncomfortable. And since you are allowed to remove the aligners, you opt to remove them albeit for a little relief. When you are eating or drinking, you are also supposed to remove them first. It is convenient that you can put your Invisalign on and off whenever you want. The only problem with this is that you may also forget to put them back on.

When you aren’t wearing your Invisalign, you may wait significantly longer to get your teeth perfectly aligned. For you to reap optimum benefits of having clear aligners, it is important to wear them for at least 20 hours to 22 hours in a day.

  • Failing To Properly Brush Your Teeth

Invisalign is designed as an enclosed piece that encases your teeth in order to realign them. It is imperative that you brush your teeth and floss thoroughly after each meal before putting your Invisalign back on. When you do not brush your teeth, plaque and food particles get stuck in tiny spaces between your teeth.

After some time, this breeds bad bacteria which can cause cavities, tooth decay, mouth odor, and bleeding gums among numerous other oral health issues. Additionally, putting your Invisalign back on without brushing your teeth presents a conducive environment for the bacteria to breed even faster.

  • Expecting Instant Results

Many people wrongly assume that they will get instant results by putting on Invisalign for only a few days or weeks. But because they are not permanent, you will have to wait for months or even years before you see any significant changes on your teeth.

If your teeth aren’t too misaligned, then you can expect to see results in a short duration of time, but if yours is a serious case of misaligned teeth, you will have to wait for far much longer to get desired results. For best and faster results, wear your Invisalign for the prescribed number of hours every day and you won’t wait for too long for your teeth to look perfect.

Whether you just got your Invisalign or you’ve had them for some time, avoid the mistakes highlighted above and you’ll get the most out of it. Get the best Invisalign treatment by Rejuvenation Dentistry, where you are guaranteed of quality service and a brighter smile.

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