How Can a Plastic Surgeon Help You?

One might be fooled into thinking that plastic surgeons only ever engage in face lifts and breast enlargements. This is what Hollywood would have us believe anyway! The truth is much deeper than that though. Certified plastic surgeons offer a wide range of services, including reconstructive surgery that can help a person fit back into society after major surgery or serious injury.

What Do Plastic Surgeons Do for People?

In the most fundamental of terms, plastic surgery is involved in the alteration of the human body, but it is more complex than this. Plastic surgery may certainly involve the purely aesthetic, but it also involves complex reconstructive surgery, too.

Here are just some examples of what a certified plastic surgeon in Brisbane can offer:

  • Burns: Serious burns will damage the outer layers of the skin, leaving it scarred and taut. This can cause significant physical discomfort, but it can also leave the person feeling emotionally isolated quite often. This is common where the burn scars are on a visible area, such as the face. A plastic surgeon can treat burn victims and graft new skin onto the affected areas. They may also help to reconstruct areas that have been seriously damaged.
  • Breast surgery: Though plastic surgeons do offer breast enlargement services, they also provide breast reconstructive surgery that can help women feel more feminine after they have had to have one or both breasts removed due to illness. Plastic surgeons also offer breast reduction services. For many women with large breasts, the headaches and back pain can be debilitating. By reducing the size and volume of the breast tissue, the plastic surgeon can offer great relief to women in this situation.
  • Tummy tucks: Many women who have dedicated themselves to losing significant weight find that they are left with excess layers of skin on their abdomen and around their hips. After all of their hard work losing weight, this can be a very deflating experience. A tummy tuck procedure performed by a qualified plastic surgeon removes this excess skin and creates a figure that most women would be proud of.
  • Face lifts: It may sound superficial, but a face lift can make a person feel more confident about themselves. As we age, the skin around our neck and face becomes less elastic and less taut. This can create sagging and extra wrinkles that look unsightly. For many people, this can leave them feeling less confident about themselves. A face lift procedure can help to restore a more youthful look and make the person feel better about who they are.

More Than Just Breast Enlargements

Plastic surgery has often been maligned for superficiality, but the truth is that plastic surgeons themselves offer a wide range of services. This may certainly include the popular face lift, but they can also help people feel better about who they are and help them to reintegrate back into society after what may be horrific and scarring injuries.

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